Initial Consultation
The goal of the first meeting is for you to meet Daniel, the cabinet designer, and to go over the space you have to work with and your cabinet needs.  Sometimes at this point we are given the plans and specifications to bid from.  Other times we may go into greater detail outlining all of your needs and desires.  If you have Pinterest pictures this is very helpful.  Any pictures help us to get a clear idea of what you may have in mind.  Even if the pictures are not exactly what you have in mind, they are wonderful to get the creative juices flowing!  On larger projects we may not be able to go over all of the details in one sitting.  Sometimes two or three meetings are necessary.  In the mean time, Daniel will pull samples and pictures to help solidify the design.  In the end, we simply want to achieve the goal of designing beautiful yet functional, cabinets that are unique to your personal style.  We want you to have cabinets that will make your neighbors jealous!