Pricing Stage
At this point Daniel will take all of the information from the previous meetings and write a proposal for you.  For some clients, we will basically do a very simple initial consultation and then go over pricing and once the prices are set go back and really get into the design elements.  In the proposal all of the information will be separated by room and then by class of cabinets.  For example, the kitchen may be separated by upper, lower, oven, and island cabinets.  All of the information will be easy to read and at the end of the proposal there will be a list detailing all of the specifications for the proposal such as wood type, door style, drawer guides, and decorative elements.  Of course, if you have any questions at all regarding the proposal you are encouraged to email or call Daniel.  Once you have made your decision, then we will get together to finalize the sale with signed documents and a deposit check.  It is the deposit that puts your project on the boards and holds your place in line.  We require a 50% deposit, and the terms for the remaining monies are stated in the proposal contract.  At this point, we come to your job site to take accurate measurements.  The drywall does not have to be in place.  We usually take the measurements once the rough framing is complete to give us enough time to complete your cabinet for delivery after the sheetrock is installed.  

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